The Ginger Tree DVD - (1989)

The Ginger Tree DVD - (1989)

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The Ginger Tree 1989 Mini Series Very Rare Oswald Wynd 

The Ginger Tree - Part One

Mary MacKenzie embarks on a dangerous journey to Manchuria in 1903 for her wedding to Richard Collingworth in Russian-occupied Mukden. When the Russo-Japanese war breaks out Richard finds himself under siege in Port Arthur. Her marriage and subsequent life, isolated from her family and trapped in a war zone, provokes bitter disappointment and disillusion. While Richard is kept busy, her friendship with the Japanese military attache Count Kentaro Kurihama rapidly develops into a passionate affair. 

The Ginger Tree - Part Two

Disowned and heavily pregnant, Mary arrives at her new home provided by her lover Count Kentaro Kurihama. There she is befriended by Baroness Aiko Onnodera and Alicia Basset-Hill, but is shocked to discover that Kentaro is already married and her official status is that of a concubine. After a difficult confinement Mary learns she can have no more children. 

The Ginger Tree - Part Three

On his father's instructions, Mary's son has been abducted. Determined to find work, Mary embarks on a new career in a Tokyo store, updating the shop's range of Western ladies' fashions. She is taken aback when a new customer calls to arrange a new wardrobe for her husband's posting to England - the Countess Kurihama. Meanwhile, still grieving for the loss of her child, Mary determines to confront Kentaro to keep alive a chance of finding her son. 

The Ginger Tree - Part Four

It is now 1935, and, although resigned to never finding her son, Mary has remained in Japan and become a wealthy and successful businesswoman. Despite the worsening political situation in Asia she refuses to leave because of her continuing involvement with Kentaro, who finds himself more isolated as the war party grows in power in Japan and survives an assassination attempt. Mary finds herself treated with mounting hostility and her position as a foreigner growing increasingly difficult. 

Barbara Barnes 
Noriko Aida 
Jean Badin 
Samantha Bond 
Fumi Dan 
Nicholas Farrell 
Togo Igawa 
Carol Starks 
Kenichi Yajima 
Yoshinori Yamamoto 

Runtime:240 min | UK:60 min (4 episodes) 
Country:USA | UK 
Language:English | Japanese 
Tv Rec VHS Quality 
Sound Mix:Mono 

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