The Children of Green Knowe DVD

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Drama series Tolly goes to stay with his great-grandmother in her old house Green Knowe, just before Christmas. She tells Tolly stories of the children who used to live the re. Dramatised by John Stadelman. Tolly is invited by his great grandmother to spen d Christmas at her remote and mysterious house in the country. Tolly tries to find the children that he knows are in his great-grandmother's ho use somewhere. Tolly meets the other children in the house, and learns about the 'demon tree'. Tolly nearly becomes another victim of the Oldknow curse.



Tolly - Alec Christie

Mrs. Oldknow - Daphne Oxenford

Toby - Graham McGrath

Linnet - Polly Maberly

Alexander - James Trevelyan

Boggis - George Malpas

1st Woman on the Train - Virginia Courtney

2nd Woman on the Train - Meg Ritchie

Captain Oldknow - Bev Willis

Taxi Driver - Brian Osborne

Mother Oldknow - Heather Ramsay

Granny Oldknow - Joan Ogden

Peironella - Ann Tirard

King Charles II - Iain Rattray

Doctor - Peter Hughes

Miss. Spud - Yvette Byrne

Ferdie - Gordon Kane











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