Seven Brides for Seven Brothers DVD (1982)

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers DVD (1982)

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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is an American musical television series loosely based on the film, which ran from September 19, 1982 to March 23, 1983.

The series told the adventures of a parentless family of rowdy brothers trying to run the family ranch in northern California. Into the chaos came feisty Hannah, who married Adam and took on the task of bringing order to the household. The series contained about one musical number per episode, written by notable songwriter Jimmy Webb. Despite a small but dedicated fan following, the series was cancelled after one season. It was created after the 1954 Hollywood film Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Never commercially released on DVD.   We have digitally transferred from VHS to DVD.  

Please bare in mind this is a very old show and very rare, we have increased quality and sound of production, our rating is 6- 7 out of 10.   Best quality avialable!  But if you want DVD quality verison i recomend you don't purchase!

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