Even Stevens DVD (2000) 6 Part Mini Series

Even Stevens DVD (2000) 6 Part Mini Series

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Even Stevens is an American comedy television series that aired on Disney Channel with a total of three seasons and 65 episodes from June 17, 2000, to June 2, 2003. It follows the life of the Stevenses, a family living in suburban Sacramento, California, mainly focusing on the clashing personalities of its two younger siblings, Ren and Louis.

The series was produced by Brookwell McNamara Entertainment and Fireworks Entertainment. It is often cited as launching Shia LaBeouf's breakout career as an actor. The show also features fast motion photography, which it employs in every episode.

The feature-length Disney Channel Original Movie based on the series, The Even Stevens Movie, premiered on June 13, 2003, and serves as the series finale.

3 Seasons with 65 Episodes
The complete series is on 5 DVDS
Quality is 9 out of 10.  Audio and Video are excellent 
Full Menu Chaptered DVDS

Never commercially released on DVD.   We have transferred, very high quality DVD SET

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