Bar Mitzvah Boy DVD - Play for today - Jack Roenthal's - 1976

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Bar Mitzvah Boy was a British television play, written by Jack Rosenthal and originally transmitted in the Play for Today anthology Series on the BBC. Broadcast on the 14th September 1976, the 75-minute production was directed by Michael Tuchner and produced by Graeme McDonald. Starring Jeremy Steyn, Kim Clifford, Mark Herman, Adrienne Posta, Maria Charles and Bernard Spier, the play tells the story of a young Jewish boy, Elliot Green (Steyn), in a lower middle class family living in Britain in the 1970s, and the apprehensions the boy feels over his forthcoming Bar Mitzvah. Meanwhile, the family prepares for the celebration, preoccupied with their own preparations for the b'nai mitzvah.

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