A Time to Dance DVD - Dervla Kirwan (1992)

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Note: never had a dvd or video release.
A Time to dance is remembered mainly these days for the fact that it gave a first break to Dervla Kirwan,(Bernadette) who went onto bigger things in Ballikissangel.

Bernadette ( Dervla Kirwan) is an intelligent girl from a dysfunctional working class Irish family and Andrew, an aspiring writer and soon to retire Bank Manager (played by Ronald Pickup), takes great delight in introducing her to the finer things in life, finding her an attentive pupil. 55 year old Andrew starts an affair with the 18 year old Bernadette to the distain of the village community as he becomes ever more emotionally involved. This liaison develops whilst he nurses his invalid wife.

It is also much reported that Ms Kirwan disrobed for the role,in which she played a teenage Irish girl who falls for a much older man and that she is very upset by this fact and refuses to allow the film to be shown on TV, therefore unlikely to be released on dvd in the future. The nude scene is very early on in the tv play.

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