2 Point 4 Children DVD Complete TV Series 2point4 (1991) - Starring Belinda Lang and Gary Olsen

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Complete Series 1 to 8 of 2point4 Children starring Belinda Lang and Gary Olsen.

On the Surface, the Porters are a normal family ? indeed, even the series? title 2 Point 4 Children, the fabled average family size, alludes to their normality (as well as the fact that the husband/father is still a bit of a child himself). Yet, though the individual members? central?heating engineer Ben; his wife, catering worker Bill; and their teenage children David and Jenny ? are unexceptional, the situations in which the family find themselves are anything but. Bad luck, strange occurrences and poor judgement all conspire to turn the porters? world topsy ?turvey.

Sitcom?wise, the shape of the series itself is also different from the norm, because, from the earliest episodes, it has centred not on the husband, Ben, but on his wife Bill. Even with the focus on Bill, the series still avoids the traditional woman-as-wife-and-mother theme of other series, instead portraying her as a fully-rounded person in her own right, unconfined by her family.

2 point 4 children proved to be a success. It was first screened in 1991 and by the third series in 1993 it was attracting ratings of more than 13 million, the sort of figure also being enjoyed by One Foot in the Grave. The series ends in 1999 with the millennium special, tragically due to the premature death of Gary Olsen, aged only 42, from Cancer on 13th September 2000 ensured this would be the last.


Never commerically released, transfered from VHS to DVD

Very good quality 8 / 10 - Excellent production 

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