Heartburn Hotel DVD - Series One & Two

Heartburn Hotel DVD - Series One & Two

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A British sitcom which ran for two seasons, with 13 episodes, on BBC television in 1998 - 2000, each series was 6 episodes long and one special was aired in December 1998. The series was both produced and distributed by the BBC and shown nationwide during its airing.

The programme is set in the Olympic Hotel, pre-named on the hope of the successful bid for the UK to host the 1992 Olympic Games. The series centres on the owner and the regular occupants to the hotel.
Harry Springer and Duggie Strachan are the main protagonists in the comedy. After both characters were involved in the Falklands conflict they both move back to Birmingham, Harry to own the Olympic Hotel and Duggie to become a teacher. These two characters take opposing viewpoints in almost every matter and although Harry pretends to sympathise with his customers, his views are radically right wing as opposed to Duggie who emphatically empathises due to his own plight brought about by his gambling addiction. The reason Duggie accepts his landlords overbearing boorishness dates back to the Falklands whereupon Harry saved his life, a fact that Harry does not let Duggie forget.

Written by John Sullivan, Steve Glover and starred Tim Healy, Clive Russell, Peter Gunn

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