Billy Plays DVD - Play For Today (1984)

Billy Plays DVD - Play For Today (1984)

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Billy Plays - Play for today

In the early Eighties a Belfast family tears itself apart after the Mother dies a hard death from cancer

Searing working-class drama with Northern Ireland's Troubles used only as a backdrop to the story of the Martins, an ordinary family with James Ellis outstanding as the domineering father, Brid Brennan in a touching portrayal of the eldest daughter trying to hold things together and the eponymous Billy played by a young actor who may have a future in the business, Kenneth Branagh.

The Belfast vernacular is brilliantly caught by writer Graeme Reid.

The two follow-up plays featuring the same characters are well worth seeking out: " A Coming to Terms for Billy' and "A Matter of Choice for Billy"

1). Too Late to Talk to Billy (1982) 

2). Matter of Choice for Billy (1983)

3). Coming to Terms for Billy (1984)

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