Amongst Women DVD (1998)

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Tony Doyle leads the group as the father who is disgusted with the Irish politics after spending time as a soldier in the IRA. He has a huge anger management problem, is selfish, brutal

Based on John McGahern's novel of the same name Amongst Women is a powerful 4 part drama which brilliantly portrays the Moran family through the 50's and 60s.

As the series opens Michael Moran's wife has just died leaving him 5 children to rear. The oldest Luke clashes with his father while the three daughters Maggie, Sheila and Mona all work in the home to fill their mother's void and keep their difficult father calm. The youngest child Michael is the apple of his father's eye.

Moran has high hopes that his younger son will take over the farm but when the youngster embarks on an affair with a local girl named Nell he clashes violently with his father and departs the family home much as Luke had a decade before.

Please read .. This is not the original NTSC (USA) Region1 dvd release. It is a recoded copy which will play worldwide on a standard dvd player.

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